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NSI Business Consultant Co.,Ltd.

NSI has been established since the year 2001

Flickr Image by ice_birdyNSI Business Consultant Company Limited offering accounting and finance service, taxation, laying systems, internal auditing, auditing by licensed auditor, scrutinizing documents relating to debtors held by financial institutions, legal services including registration and consultant works generally including lawsuits, enforcement of cases.

These services are offered by professional standard and ethics centering on honesty, accuracy and speed. Our Company keeps secrecy of customers strictly. For we focus on service with quality made possible by introduction of advanced technology coupled with expertise and knowledge. We offer the best options to our customers by means of our team of workers with substantial experience and our Management Team has been in the business for over 30 years working with efficiency.


We treat every customer as significant

As the growth of NSI is attributed to customers satisfaction and the good word has been spread from existing customers to new ones. Although NSI offer services to Companies big or small, our efforts to give the best service is the same regardless of the size of our customers.

Friendship is significant to us and our knowledge of customer background and requirements enabled us to provide good services.


Reports and Customer Relations at all times

We give explanations to our customers on working procedures, approximate time frames for execution of works, followed by progress reports to customers, including consultant service, seeking customer approvals for jobs at all times. Thorough understanding of customers and close relations are vital factors for accomplishing targets successfully.


Secrecy Is The Key Word

Maintaining secrecy about work and assignments by each customer is regarded as very important. We treat this as four professional ethics, with our Legal Experts and Auditors working closely with the clients. We all recognize the level of competition in business and industry that is getting fiercer. Under this scenario business strategy and secrets are the tools for success with inestimable value which require protection closely. Therefore, apart from the individuals given specific assignments, unrelated persons do not have access to secret data or information apropos the clients.


Utmost endeavor for services to be fruitful

When NSI has accepted a job, it is executed with utmost endeavor as our legal experts and accountants work tirelessly to accomplish the task . Moreover, our legal experts and accountants are aware that every client is a valuable asset to be taken care of with the best of services.


Accounting, Taxation, laying system and Auditing Accounts.

This covers consultant service and offering service in accounting, taxation on monthly basis, creating accounting system and auditing accounts of businesses of all kinds.


Credit Investigation Services, Documents issued by Financial Institution.

Services include scrutinizing documents for credit facility, for housing , guarantee, assessment of guarantee, including data and legal documents to determine completeness and correctness of the documents and drawing comparisons with computerized data held by financial institution.


Legal Works, Companies and Limited Partnerships.

Our services cover registration of companies and limited partnerships, mergers, joint investments, business trading, company structural improvements, arranging meetings of shareholders for abidance with the law correctly as well as the articles of association of companies, commercial registrations, dissolving and liquidation of accounts, registration of amendments of items for juristic persons, juristic person status investigations and certification of documents along with VAT Registration, specific business taxation , seeking tax payers identity card and so on.


Taxation Works.

This embraces consultant service for taxation with answers on queries, planning for tax payment, auditing for tax payments, explanations and verbal testimony to custom officials, making appeals against tax assessments and so on.


General Legal Services

Including consultant service, handling legal documents, agreements for use in commerce and industry, financial institutions, insurance coverage, registration of trademarks, patent rights, copyrights, registration of agreements for using rights and other works apropos intellectual property, seeking license to set up factory, creating working rules and regulations, handling provident fund and other works related to labor law, and seeking license to do legal service and other regulations, etc.


Lawsuit Services

Including legal services of every kind throughout the Kingdom including enforcement of cases pursuant to judgement passed by the courts of law.


Case Enforcement Services

Including monitoring and demanding payment of debt, negotiations for the debtors to settle debt and thus bypass legal action , tracing debtors and investigations to determine right of
ownership of land and property held by debtors, tracing and arresting debtors or Defendants in a criminal case, taking action to enforce cases in conformity with Rulings passed by Court of Law, such as seizing property, auctioning property, and receiving from the proceeds of auction, etc.